Considering homebirth? This LIVE masterclass is for you...


The 5 Myths YOU need to BUST to have an empowered Homebirth

In this Masterclass, you'll find the answers to these questions:

----- 1 -----

Can I have a homebirth with my first pregnancy?

----- 2 -----

Is homebirth even safe?

----- 3 -----

Will giving birth at home be messy?

----- 4 -----

Isn't birth without medication too painful?!

----- 5 -----

Wouldn't choosing to have a homebirth be too overwhelming?

Your Birth Options are About to Change in a BIG Way!

If you feel deep down that there's something more for you than the quick, possibly disconnected care you're receiving from the traditional OB route... get ready for this illuminating masterclass.

You deserve to be completely empowered by your birthing decisions... and the only way to gain that empowerment is by first being completely informed about what decisions are truly available to you.

And that's what we'll discover inside of Homebirth Mythbusters.  We'll discuss the little-known (and even less understood) option of giving birth in your own home.

Whether you've known for weeks that you'd give birth at home, or you're just now contemplating the idea, this masterclass is for you!

This class is a must attend for you if...


You're a soon-to-be mother who desires to be fully informed regarding your birth decisions


You've already chosen to give birth at home.  Seriously, you need to know how to bust these myths when well-meaning friends and family have questions


You want to learn how to make the most of your pregnancy and walk into your birthing time feeling excited, empowered, and confident that you've made the best decision for yourself and your family.

A Personal Invitation From Katelyn...

I've had two successful homebirth, attended dozens of others, and I've interviewed well over 100 homebirth mothers and midwives on the Happy Homebirth Podcast.
What does this mean?  It means I know the rumors, my friends!  I know the concerns that many have when they hear the term "homebirth," and I get it! 
With so little easy-to-access information, it's no wonder that uncertainties of homebirth abound!
That ends now.  With this masterclass.  If you're committed to learning the truth behind the age-old practice of homebirth and busting some myths once and for all, I can't wait to see you inside of the Homebirth Mythbusters Masterclass.
I'm ready to bust some myths!