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The Homebirth Collective

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The Homebirth Collective

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Want to out squeeze all of the goodness and beauty that your homebirth journey has to offer? 

If you're a mother who understands the depth of importance surrounding your pregnancy, homebirth and postpartum journey...  

... If you know that God has called you to mother your children with intention and purpose

... If you desire to take charge of your experience of motherhood, beginning while your baby is still in the womb

... If you crave a group of like-minded, courageous mothers to walk through pregnancy, birth and life with


The Homebirth Collective was made for you. 


Hey there, I'm Katelyn Fusco, the host of the Happy Homebirth podcast.  I teach first time homebirth mothers how to immerse fully and intuitively into the birthing process to bring about sacred transformation, propelling them into motherhood with confidence and connection. 

I've created the Homebirth Collective so that we can do more than dot our i's and cross our t's when it comes to childbirth education.  

Preparing for your homebirth shouldn't feel like a checklist of menial tasks to accomplish; it should feel like the sacred, transformative work that it is!  

You are growing a new life inside of you, and you know that this pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience can be used to bond you deeply with your baby, along with your spouse and any other children at home.

You can use this life-producing, life-altering event: your birth to catalyze your life, lifestyle and parenting.


Homebirth-Centered Childbirth Education + Intuition Work, Boundary Exploration and More... All Inside of an Intimate, Group Setting of Like-Minded Mothers.

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