About The Homebirth Collective

What If I Told You

That preparing for your homebirth could be a peaceful, beautiful experience? What if you had access to a community of supportive mothers at your fingertips, a library of birthing stories to peruse at your convenience, and a step-by-step guide to prepare you for the homebirth of your dreams?

What if you had a friend who has walked the path before, supported others on the path,
then shouted back to the masses to show them where the path actually begins?

The Homebirth Collective is dedicated to, and in celebration of, homebirth mothers and those considering this path. This group is quite a small minority in the birth world; we may occasionally feel alone in our decision to give birth to our children at home. We began as a podcast dedicated to encouraging YOU, our community, to band together.  We should celebrate our successes, cherish our stories and find other like-minded women to confide in. We have since grown to create a community like no other, brought together by a desire to learn and teach others not just through our podcast but through one-of-a-kind homebirth courses.

Not too long ago, women leaned upon one another for childbirth, breastfeeding, and motherhood in general. It cannot be denied: our culture has shifted over time to viewing birth as a medical emergency. Because of this shift, the art of female to female support and encouragement, especially around birth and motherhood, has degraded. Just as Ina May Gaskin improved birth through not only attendance, but also her sharing of birth stories, the goal of The Homebirth Collective is to reestablish the lost legacy of traditional female support.

Hey, I'm Katelyn Fusco!

I’m a homebirth mother, a childbirth educator, and an experienced homebirth attendant. I’ve seen birth from many angles [literally], and I know the impact this experience can have on you, your baby and your entrance into motherhood for the first, second or fifteenth time.

The goal of The Homebirth Collective is to help you navigate your pregnancy, homebirth and postpartum with confidence, peace and excitement. Whether you’re simply dipping your toe into the idea of natural childbirth or you’re ready to dive into the refreshing waters of the homebirth deep end, I’m here to hold your hand (and your hair) and help you prepare every aspect of your experience. 

I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by a community of mothers who have helped me along my journey into motherhood, and it’s been a blessing to my life. Because of this support, it is my goal through The Homebirth Collective to create this same kind of kindred tribe that transcends location.

We've helped 500+ homebirth mothers just like you achieve that glorius feeling of empowerment regarding their homebirth.
If you're ready for real empowerment and real peace,
The Homebirth Collective was designed specifically
to help you get there.

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